Fred Shaw Prize

Just a quick update, one I still find difficult to believe: This week a story of mine was awarded the Fred Shaw prize for fiction at my graduate school, University of Miami. What does this mean? I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out. In a very practical sense though, it means of the ten or so stories submitted to the contest, all from fellow students in my program, mine was picked as the winner, and I have been awarded a small amount of money and three small notebooks, which is nice, and more than I’d ever expect. The winning story–“The Poor Man Needs No Capital”–has not been published yet, so anyone who’s stumbled upon this page (I don’t know if anyone has yet), if you’d like to read it, shoot me an email (hit the contact link on the side), and I’ll send you a copy to read. Once the story’s published, I’ll update this with a link to where you can read it online, or order a copy. This a very exciting small surprise.

Posted Friday, April 26, 2019