Looking over the Official Anki Guide

February 3 2020

Note: I, the writer of this tutorial, use Linux, therefore all
file operations will be demonstrated for the UNIX-like terminal, with
Anki's Linux file structure. To find your OS's file structure, check
out this section of the official Anki guide

Before we start at this, take some time to glance over the official
Anki add-on writing guide
. It's by no means comprehensive (one of the
main impetuses behind me writing this), but it does offer a great
explanation of the basics. Don't worry too much about it though. We'll
be going over things it covers.

1 Add-on Structure

Let's start by looking at the section labeled 'Add-on Folders'. This
tells us a good deal about how add-ons are organized/use storage, but
there's only two main points we need to know now for writing our first
basic add-on:

  1. Each add-on lives in its own folder within the addons21 folder of
    your local Anki directory

  2. Each add-on must have an __init__.py file in its root directory.

Everything …

Anki Addon Tutorial

February 3 2020


Let’s be honest: there’s a pretty severe lack of good information on how to write an Anki 2.1 add-on online, and for developer-minded people like you and me, that kinda sucks. One of Anki’s main advantages over other flashcard programs is its customizability. Not only can you use it to study almost anything (personally, I study code and Japanese), you can also update the look and feel of your flashcards, and altar the length of intervals to be however long or short you want. When you want to do something unique with your cards that isn’t in the base application or a third party add-on yet however…. there’s a blank. Beyond a very basic official introduction to development (as well a handful of VERY good blog posts/GitHub links I will be adding to the end of this page), there isn’t much to guide you. Most everything you’ll need to do, you’ll figure out yourself.

Dragon Quest VII Links

December 13 2019

Here's a list of resources I used to complete Dragon Quest VII. I played the game in Japanese, a language i am not fluent in, which is pretty difficult for such a text-heavy, quest-flag-dependent game. What I mean to say is there's a lot of them here, and they're dang good.

Updating the list as I complete the game. Stay tuned.