Dragon Quest VII Links

December 13 2019

Here's a list of resources I used to complete Dragon Quest VII. I played the game in Japanese, a language i am not fluent in, which is pretty difficult for such a text-heavy, quest-flag-dependent game. What I mean to say is there's a lot of them here, and they're dang good.

Updating the list as I complete the game. Stay tuned.




(shadows) pub

December 13 2019

More fun news today: my four part short short sequence (my flash fiction quadriptych) titled (shadows) has completed its four-day publication on Defenestrationism's website. you can check it out here.

Make sure, also, to read the other stories in this year's contest, and when voting comes around, vote for your faves

Hopefully more good publication news to come.

Song for a Father pub

August 30 2019

Oh how time moves: I’ve been published in Vamp Cat for a month or so now, and I didn’t realize.

You can check out a link to the story here. It’s called Song for a Father. It’s an obvious retelling, but I still like it.

I've also added a publications section to my sidebar now, which you can also see here.